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There is nothing cooler than capturing the real, raw, beautiful love story of two people starting their big adventure together. I promise to bring plenty of good energy to your day and will be there to support you anyway I can.

I love having a good time, but believe me when I say I don’t take my job lightly. Filming some of the most special moments of your life is an absolute honor and I want nothing more than to create a wedding film that makes your eyes sweat a little every time you watch it.

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What do you like to do for fun?

My guilty pleasure is reality TV. My husband and I probably spend an unhealthy amount of our free time watching Survivor. I love concerts, big cities and window shopping. We also love to snowboard any time we get a a good dumping of snow!

Have you always been a Filmmaker?

No, actually. I have a bachelor’s degree in dental hygiene. I took a leap of faith when I left a comfortable career path to pursue my passion. I’m so glad I did! Life has felt so much more fulfilling and meaningful.


I LOVE that every couple is so unique! Getting to know each couple, having a front seat on their wedding day and then getting to create this beautiful heirloom for them is so special to me. Each wedding film is it's own fun project and I enjoy that creative challenge.

What’s your beverage of choice?

I’m a Spindrift girl. I know flavored sparkling water makes most people gag, but I need it on tap all day, ever day.

What is your dream destination wedding location?

Anywhere on the California Coast. I particularly love Coronado Island and San Francisco. I spent a lot of time in both places growing up, so going back feels like home.While I have a soft spot for sunny, beachy California vibes, exploring new places sparks my creativity. I have my sights set on Key West, Alaska, New York City, New Orleans, New Zealand, Japan, Iceland, Australia, South Africa… I could go on!

What is Your Favorite Snack?

Hands down, chips and guac! Or anything with peanut butter! 

A collage of Sydney being an excellent

“ Sydney made me feel good,
and what more can you ask for on
a super stressful day? “

“ Sydney made me
feel good, and what more can you ask for on a super stressful day? “

- Morgan D

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Telling love stories around the world through artful wedding videography that celebrates every couple’s unique adventure.